10 Reasons Congress Should Impeach Donald Trump — Again

  1. He believes the Democrats tried to delegitimize his election in 2016 by conducting the Russian probe and by impeaching him. So he wants payback for that.
  2. He needs to set the table for his defense against all of the legal challenges he will face after he leaves office. By programing his base to believe the election was stolen by his enemies, he will use that “fact” as proof that any charges he faces in the future only exist because they are out to get him. (Sound familiar? That’s because it is. It’s exactly the strategy he has employed since launching his campaign for his first term.)
  1. He is abusing his presidential power by interfering with our elections, which are the responsibility of our State governments, by order of the Constitution. That is a crime he has committed against the Constitution, and in itself an appropriate cause for impeachment. He is a party to the election so he is acting in his personal interest. He has done this several ways, including making continuing statements for months leading up to the election that all mail order voting will be fraudulent, and then, after the election, making dozens of false allegations about voter fraud, with no evidence. His comments were so serious that millions of voters believed him and voted in person or didn’t vote. His comments also damaged the credibility of our election process, with no evidence to support them.
  2. By directly contacting and trying to influence local officials to change their votes certifying local elections and reverse the wishes of the voters, Trump improperly interfered with the local government election operations.
  3. Trump has harassed several state officials with frivolous lawsuits attempting to overturn the local elections. Virtually all were evidence-free, and thrown out. If that isn’t a definition of harassment, what is?
  4. He also violated the Hatch Act by using the White House venue to lobby those local officials and others for political and personal advantage in this election.
  5. Joe Biden has said he doesn’t want to spend his presidency prosecuting his successor. If Congress does this, it won’t be on Biden, who can get on with his attempt to heal the country.
  6. Facing impeachment, Trump won’t have time to continue his attempt to throw over the election. He will be too busy having to fight off a second impeachment.
  7. The Democrats retained the House, so they can convict him again for sure, and very quickly.
  8. With some Republicans finally speaking out from the Senate side, it’s possible the Democrats could get to a point where a few Republicans might switch over and vote against him and actually vote him out! BUT, if the Dems win the Senate elections in Georgia, the Senate will be 50–50 in early January, before the inauguration. So if the vote is delayed until January, it could be even easier to win in the Senate.
  9. By refusing to concede the election, and therefore release the funding for the transition and the necessary information the Biden team needs to jump on major problems, like the pandemic, Trump is endangering the entire transition process, and putting the lives of tens of thousands of Americans in danger.
  10. He is endangering the security of the United States by gutting the military and cyber security divisions of the US Government at critical times in our country’s history.




Journalist, Entrepreneur, Author. Pres., USA Today; Pres. CBS Digital; Founder/Chair/CEO Marketwatch.com; Journalist WashPost. Bds: Advance, Syracuse U, HBS Pub

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Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer

Journalist, Entrepreneur, Author. Pres., USA Today; Pres. CBS Digital; Founder/Chair/CEO Marketwatch.com; Journalist WashPost. Bds: Advance, Syracuse U, HBS Pub

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